Agenda Retraites

Hieronder vind je het agenda overzicht van Venwoude Retraites. De volledige agenda van Venwoude vind je hier.

30 mei
Lecture: Miracles in Relationships
Teacher: Sondra Ray with Markus Ray
Discover how to maximize the love in all of your relationships. On this evenening Sondra Ray and Markus Ray will give a lecture about relationships. […]
05 jun t/m 09 jun
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 2: Female/Male Orgasm
Teacher: Pema Gitama
The process unfolds and offers understanding on the dynamic of sex, of man and woman relations by exploring the depth of orgasms as a source […]
13 jun t/m 16 jun
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 6: Silent Orgasm
Teacher: Pema Gitama
This process is a dive into the center of emptiness, the zero point where nothing moves, where forms have not taken shape, where thoughts are […]
19 jun t/m 23 jun
Training: Body reading, Sound, Breath & Body parts
Teachers: Sanna Sanita and De´an Matuka
A training into deeper knowledge of pressure points, use of breath and sound to shift and transform stuck energy, and learning how to read the […]
27 jun t/m 30 jun
Retreat: Female Sexuality & De-armouring
Teacher: Susanne Roursgaard
A retreat for women to dive into different aspects of the Female sexuality and explore with ourselves as well as work with each other in […]
17 jul t/m 21 jul
Retraite: Your Lab Zomerretraite
Facilitator: André Platteel
De oorspronkelijke betekenis van retraite is terugtrekking, maar daar denken we bij Your Lab anders over. Je mag dan vijf dagen lang met ons de […]
11 aug t/m 25 aug
Retreat: Silent Retreat - Meetings in Truth
Teacher: Isaac Shapiro
An invitation to recognise the Truth of your self, who you are and have always been. As you are already This there is no need […]
29 aug t/m 01 sep
Training: Embody Yourself - The Gaia Method
Trainer: Susanne Roursgaard
This 4-day Embody Yourself Retreat will take you on a deep journey into the self!…. to expand your inner container and capacity for presence, awareness, […]
03 sep t/m 08 sep
Training: Induction Experience
Teachers: Sanna Sanita and De´an Matuka
This powerful and life-changing 6 day experience is designed to dearmour you, and to help you empower your life from within.
12 sep t/m 15 sep
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 3: Kundalini Awakening
Teacher: Pema Gitama
This retreat is devoted to root you into bliss by activating, harmonizing the kundalini energy within you. It refines your sensitivity from pleasure sensations to […]