Agenda Retraites

Hieronder vind je het agenda overzicht van Venwoude Retraites. De volledige agenda van Venwoude vind je hier.

28 nov t/m 01 dec
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 4: Arya Ritual
Teacher: Pema Gitama
In this retreat you are invited to refine lovemaking to the Arya Tantra, which unites the force of desire to the devotional alchemy of the […]
04 dec t/m 08 dec
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 8: Third Eye Retreat
Teacher: Pema Gitama
During this retreat we activate the pineal gland known as the third eye. Through specific methods derived from Tantra and Shamanic work, the gland opens […]
09 jan t/m 12 jan
Jaartraining: The Art of Living
Teacher: Carsten Dohnke
A year training in the Taoist traditions of healing, philosophy, eating, moving, meditating and enlightenment. This training is for you if you are open for […]
16 mrt t/m 22 mrt
Retraite: Silent Zen Retreat
Teacher: Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi
This Retreat is for those who want to deepen their meditation practice within the Dharma of the Mondo Zen tradition. This Silent Retreat contains sitting […]
02 apr t/m 05 apr
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 1: Orgasmic Body
Teacher: Pema Gitama
This retreat guides you into rediscovering your potential of living life fully from the body, bypassing the protection mechanism of the mind that builds up […]
09 apr t/m 12 apr
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 5: Inner Sky
Teacher: Pema Gitama
This retreat is a flight into the Inner Sky, where we shift our energy field from gravity of the earth into the sky above us. […]
13 apr t/m 26 apr
Retreat: Full Body Dearmoring Retreat
Teachers: Sabina Tschudi & Johannes Schröder
A two week retreat to allow yourself the extraordinary gift to open up for more aliveness in your heart, soul and sexuality.
06 mei
Satsang: Introductory Evening & Satsang
Teacher: Miranda Macpherson
On the evening before the retreat, Miranda will give an open evening of Satsang. All who hold an interest are welcome. This could also be […]
07 mei t/m 10 mei
Training: Living the Embodiment of Grace
Trainer: Miranda Macpherson
Surrender anything that binds your precious life force into self-centered patterns, and open to the Grace that supports you to stabilize in loving presence.
03 jun t/m 07 jun
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 2: Female/Male Orgasm
Teacher: Pema Gitama
Within this retreat women and men are separated for 3 days before coming back together for specific practices. It allows them to explore different issues, […]