Carsten Dohnke

“Tao provides the opportunity to return to the core. And you will not only return home, but also align with the boundless and therefore the origin of all being. It is a return to the Tao.”


Carsten Dohnke

The “universal Tao”, a Chinese system of self healing and meditation, is also healing Tao. It is based on the principles of internal qigong and is emerged directly from the famous tradition of internal alchemy of Taoism. The basic goals are health and longevity, vitality and spiritual growth.

Master Mantak Chia is the founder of the system. Carsten Dohnke has more than 25 years learned intensively at Mantak Chia and assisted him on many international seminars.


Universal TAO

Universal Tao is a Chinese system of self healing and meditation that is directly derived from the tradition of Taoism.

It includes healing arts, qigong, taiji, old Taoist methods for cultivating sexual energy, “Iron Shirt Qigong” to strengthen bones, and the Taoist practices of Inner Alchemy.

Programm 2019

11 – 14 April: Shengzhen Qigong

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