Below you will find the agenda overview of Venwoude Retreats. The complete Venwoude agenda can be found here .

15 Dec t/m 19 Dec
Retraite: Yourlab Winterretraite
Trainer: André Platteel

De oorspronkelijke betekenis van retraite is terugtrekking: maar daar denken we bij Your Lab anders over. Je mag dan een week lang met ons de Nederlandse […]

11 Mar t/m 17 Mar
Retreat: Silent Zen Retreat
Teacher: Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi

This Retreat is for those who want to deepen their meditation practice within the Dharma of the Mondo Zen tradition. This Silent Retreat contains sitting […]

04 Apr t/m 07 Apr
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 1: Orgasmic Body
Teacher: Pema Gitama

This retreat guides you into rediscovering your potential of living life fully from the body, bypassing the protection mechanism of the mind that builds up […]

27 Apr
Satsang: Miranda Macpherson Satsang
Teacher: Miranda Macpherson

On the evening before the Retreat, Miranda will give an open evening of Satsang. All who hold an interest are welcome. This could also be […]

28 Apr t/m 01 May
Training: The Transforming Power of Grace
Trainer: Miranda Macpherson

A four day retreat with Miranda Macpherson to make that walk across the shore of your consciousness clearer, kinder and more potent. This retreat will […]

05 Jun t/m 09 Jun
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 2: Female/Male Orgasm
Teacher: Pema Gitama

The process unfolds and offers understanding on the dynamic of sex, of man and woman relations by exploring the depth of orgasms as a source […]

13 Jun t/m 16 Jun
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 6: Silent Orgasm
Teacher: Pema Gitama

This process is a dive into the center of emptiness, the zero point where nothing moves, where forms have not taken shape, where thoughts are […]

14 Oct t/m 20 Oct
Retreat: Mondo Zen Koan Process Retreat
Teacher: Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi

In this 7 day Mondo Zen retreat not only your connection to your true nature will deepen, you will most certainly find your specific Bodhisatva-way […]