Marya Norell

“My vocation is to inspire people to unleash their full potential and to live from their inner passion and heart. I also carry a deep commitment to women to support the healing and awakening of feminine power and wholeness.”

Marya Norell

Marya’s ‘Passion of Heart’ is about the art of living passionately, from love, in awareness, creating devotion in life and bringing that out in every aspect of your life, to yourself, to your relationships, to your work and to the planet.

She has learned from many different paths and traditions. She is transmitting a life of experiences that she has polished for years and it is her passion to be part of people’s awakening journeys and bringing spirituality into an everyday life.

Women’s Way

Women’s Way is an awakening and healing journey with the same circle of women, together exploring feminine potential, self-worth, sexuality, empowerment, integrity and true sisterhood.
The teaching is based on heart-centered spirituality and is a well-balanced mix between experiencing, reflection, expression and manifestation.

Women’s Way is providing conditions for You as Woman to grow and evolve whether it is in your role as mother, career woman, partner or lover. Forget all about doing and performing, you are here for you and simply be you!

You are moved into your own inner integrity, to stand in your self-esteem and to find your power from inside out instead of the other way around.

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Living Intimacy

Retreats for Lovers.

Living Intimacy has been offered since 2007.
In Living Intimacy we don’t try to get rid of what seems to be in the way of love; instead we change the way we relate to what is arising, bringing more awareness and self-love to the experiences we have. In a foundation of trust, we allow healing and vulnerability to be there, learning to open and expand into a higher state of consciousness.

Marya, creator of Living Intimacy and her beloved Elie, spirited musician, will guide the retreats.

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Programm 2019

The dates of 2019 will follow. In the main time you can check the website of Marya Norell.