Retreat Center Venwoude

time for reflection, awakening and transformation


Since 1988, Retreat Center Venwoude has been providing an inspiring container for personal growth and consciousness work. Our well-kept 40-acre estate is located in a woodland nature sanctuary in the center of the Netherlands.

Venwoude is a favorite venue for teachers, trainers and their participants because of its welcoming atmosphere, beautiful natural surroundings, tasty organic food and excellent accommodations.

International retreats and training programs (English spoken)
Year after year, prominent teachers of consciousness work and self-transformation return to Venwoude to offer their retreats and trainings here. These include Miranda MacPherson and Isaac Shapiro (self inquiry & satsang), JunPo Kelly Roshi and Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi (Mondo Zen), Pema Gitama (WildTantra), Marya Norell (Awakening women & Intimacy) and tao master Teja Bell (Radiant Heart Qi Kung).

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Venwoude Summer Retreat (Dutch spoken)
Every summer, the three ‘elders’ of Venwoude, Marijke Heetveld, Mauk Pieper and Pauline Botden, take you on an inspiring journey of self-discovery while cherishing and celebrating our human interconnectedness.

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Venwoude’s 40-acre estate is situated in a nature sanctuary in the woods between Utrecht and Hilversum, in the center of the Netherlands. Away from the noise of modern life, the deep quietude emanating from the majestic beech and pine trees is palpable on the entire terrain. This makes Venwoude an ideal environment for consciousness work, spiritual awakening and self-transformation.

Heart of the estate is the pool (‘ven’ in Dutch) from which Venwoude derives its name.

The main buildings are the white Villa (with kitchen and dining room) and the glass Pyramid (with reception lounge and bar, a meditation room upstairs and a dance cellar downstairs). Scattered over the grounds are various group facilities and sleeping accommodations. At the edge of the Sun Meadow there is a sweat lodge area and a sauna. A meditation garden and walking spiral in the wood invite you into even deeper contact with nature.

Renting our group facilities and accommodations
All our group facilities and accommodations are available for rent. For photos and detailed information about dimensions, standard equipment, rental prices etcetera, see Venwoude Verhuur.

You can also phone us at 00-31-35 666 84 47 or send an email to We are happy to help you with all your inquiries.

We serve organic and predominantly vegetarian food. Whenever possible we use local products that are cultivated with respect for all life on Earth. Apart from being healthier for ourselves and for our planet, they also taste a lot better!

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Integral Practice Community

Venwoude doesn’t just offer high-quality retreats and training programs. As an Integral Practice Community, we also offer you the chance to participate in the running of our community. This is a great way to deepen your personal development in connection with others and anchor your insights and inner growth in hands-on practice.

One option is to help us take care of our Retreat Center by taking part in our assistants program called ‘Venwoude in Action. You are also welcome to book an Individual Retreat, fully adapted to your needs and wishes. For a deep dive into our way of living we offer a year-long residential program called Integral Living (Dutch spoken).

Interconnected Individuality
Starting point for the path of spiritual awakening that we practice at Venwoude is our motto ‘Interconnected Individuality’. This is a way of living and working together in which every person comes to his or her own as a unique individual. By loosening up our identification with our ego we can learn to live more and more from the truth of our essential Interconnectedness.

This opening up to our true, interconnected Self is what we practice during all activities of the Venwoude Sangha: a daily Day Opening ritual, bi-weekly Satsang evenings, a yearly Summer Retreat, the residential program Integral Living and customized Individual Retreats.

Find out more about possibilities to participate in our Integral Practice Community on the Venwoude Sangha website.


New conference hall

In order to ensure Venwoude’s future for the children of our grandchildren, a full revitalization of the estate will be necessary in the coming years. This will imply substantial investments in both existing and new buildings, their inventory and the surrounding grounds.

In March 2019 we opened our first new conference building, the Lariks. With the help of many volunteers and sponsors, we partly build this project ourselves. First of all because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Secondly, this form of co-creation will result in a deep anchoring of the building into the ‘Venwoude field’, consisting of all people who feel connected in one way or another to Venwoude.

As a non-profit institution, Venwoude cannot survive without the financial help of people who care for Venwoude and what it stands for. Help in kind is also very welcome, as long as it fits the design and our commitment to sustainability. Help in kind may include:

  • sharing your expertise with us
  • lending us tools
  • donating building materials and/or products for interior decorating such as furniture, lighting, curtains, bathroom fittings etcetera.

Whenever possible and appropriate, we are happy to promote your product or name. We also welcome ideas, initiatives and (technical) experiments in the area of sustainability.

For more information on donating, please go to Giving and Receiving or mail to