Miranda McPherson

Boundless Love

We need our spiritual practice now more than ever, not just so that we personally connect to what gives our life beauty, depth and meaning, but also that our our growing inner wisdom can become shelter to others. Very appropriate in this turbulent times. Four days together, in an environment of unconditional love and mutual support. With real handles to incorporate the gained experiences in your daily life.

Miranda McPherson

With over twenty years experience teaching and counseling internationally, Miranda´s clarity offers a powerful holding in which to access deeper dimensions of consciousness, unwind ego obstacles and embody spiritual depth in everyday life.

Unapologetically feminine, joyful and down to earth in her way of being, Miranda is dedicated to loving people all the way back into the freedom and wholeness of our true nature.

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Unshakable Presence

This 4-day retreat is a sacred space in which to allow spiritual truth to come more fully to life within our human experience. Methods will include an integrated approach to self-inquiry, meditation practices that engage all dimensions of our being, chanting and exercises, along with satsang-style open space where participants can raise their deepest concerns in a tangible atmosphere of unconditional love.

Miranda invites you to substantially deepen, relaxing your ego activity to access real peace and freedom. With compassion we will journey with holistic self-inquiry through our direct experience.
Miranda will share powerful new teachings that support loosening of ego identification, exploring the obstacle of seeking, the power of unconditional allowing, self-forgiveness, and learning to truly be and abide in God consciousness. Your genuine questions and grapplings are embraced as the gateways deeper into the pure awareness that is your own soul.


Meeting Miranda at Venwoude

On the evening before the retreat Miranda will give an open evening of Satsang. All who hold an interest are welcomed. This could also be a good start of the 4-day retreat.

Miranda’s Approach

Programm 2019

Saturday April 27th  Meeting Miranda – Evening
Costs: € 25,-

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Sunday April 28th – Wednesday May 1st  4- day Retreat Unshakable Presence
Costs: will be announced shortly

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