Mondo Zen Koan Process Retreat

Teacher: Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi
Datum: 14-10-2019 - 20-10-2019
Tijd: Monday 10:00 - Sunday 17:30
Taal: English

In this 7 day Mondo Zen retreat not only your connection to your true nature will deepen, you will most certainly find your specific Bodhisatva-way to live life more gracefull and fierce, in the middle of the fire!

This Mondo Zen Retreat is a modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese Rinzai Zen retreats. All practices during this 7-day retreat are done in English in order to facilitate direct, personal understanding of the methods and goals.

For more information about Mondo Zen with Doshin at Venwoude, check here.


Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi