Silent Zen Retreat

Trainer: Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi
Datum: 11-03-2019 - 17-03-2019
Tijd: Monday 10:00 - Sunday 17:30
Taal: English

This Retreat is for those who want to deepen their meditation practice within the Dharma of the Mondo Zen tradition. This Silent Retreat contains sitting meditation, walking meditation, meditation in movement (Qigong and yoga), meditation in action, Dharma talks and Dokusan.

Two Roshi’s leading a Retreat is also a nice opportunity for Dharma combat and fun! Vicara Mary Connelly has been at Venwoude before in Mondo Zen Retreats. She is the first woman who received Inka transmission (and is therefor now Roshi) by Jun Po, in the lineage of Rinzai Zen.

“Now it is time to sit and cook” – Jun Po

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Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi